Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture For Sale OAB-MM1

Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture For Sale OAB-MM1

Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture For Sale OAB-MM1

Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture For Sale OAB-MM1

As a leader in the sculpture industry, onlyart has customized a variety of this Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture, if you have other custom needs, please contact us.

  • Product NO. OAB-MM1
  • Custom Made Sculpture: Min. Order: 1 Piece,Can depends on your pictures, or your own design drawing, or small sample.
  • Lead Time:About 35 Working Days
  • Shipping: Support Express,Sea freight,Land freight,Air freight
  • About us: 40 yesrs factory
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Self Made Man Sculpture Details

The Self Made Man Sculpture height is 6ft/180cm,made with bronze,we also can make it with brass,fiberglass,stainless steel material.Decorating your garden with this famous sculpture would definitely make sense and fit perfectly.

The Self Made Man Sculpture is carved with a man holding a hammer in his hand and a chisel in his left hand. He is sculpting himself from the stone into a human shape. When we see this sculpture, we are very shocked. This sculpture symbolizes a person’s self-sculpture, a perfectionist, who is full of the craftsman’s spirit of pursuing the ultimate. Although the process of sculpting oneself is painful, it will eventually reap a brand new self. Let yourself live, live a new self, a better life.

Bronze Self Made Man Sculpture For Sale OAB-MM1
Self Made Man Sculpture

Who Made The Self Made Man Sculpture?

Bobbie Carlyle has studied with many of today’s leading artists, and was influenced by Leonardo Bistorfi, Solon and Gusson Borglum, Daniel Chester French and Michelangelo, and eventually Creating this famous Self Made Man Sculpture, Bobbie is the quintessence of a sculptor of our time, spanning two thousand and a half decades. Gather ideas and inspiration from the personal experiences of her seven children and many grandchildren. Dedication and love for art and sculptur have made her make a huge contribution to us in the field of sculpture.

bronze life size self made man sculpture replica
Self Made Man Sculpture Replica

Custom Self Made Man Sculpture Tour

We can customize this Self Made Man Sculpture and restore 99% of the sculpture. As a leader in the sculpture industry, our artists have nearly 40 years of experience and have a good grasp of the details of the Self Made Man Statue and the demeanor of the characters. You can Take a look at our sculpture model and you can see that the details on the face and the body can be made lifelike, with the same expression as a real person. At the same time, we also support a variety of materials to customize, including stainless steel, marble, and fiberglass material,brass etc..

custom bronze figure sculpture of the self made man
Sculpture Of The Self Made Man

Statue Ship Time

Under normal circumstances, from the start of production to delivery, the Self Made Man Sculpture production date is 35 working days. It may be a few days later when it encounters traditional Chinese festivals, or it may be a few days later when it encounters force majeure factors, but some sculptures For the Self Made sculptures with models we have made, the production date will be very fast, about 15 days can be completed, according to the specific situation, if you want to rush production, please contact Onlyart Sculpture.

custom original bronze self made man sculptue for sale
Bronze Self Made Man Sculptue For Sale

Statue Supply Capacity

Under normal circumstances, we can produce about 30-50 pieces of Self Made Man Sculpture per month. If the size of the sculptures becomes larger, the specific production volume needs to be further confirmed.If you are doing project engineering, please contact us for specific time, we will give you specific quotation and detailed details.

custom figure statue the self made man
Self Made Man

If you are buying this Self Made Man Sculpture for your garden, villa, home, school, etc., please contact us, Onlyart will be your best choice.

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