Onlyart Custom Outdoor Large Bronze Brass Eagle Statue For Sale

Bronze Eagle Statue Introduce

There are fifty-nine species of eagles in the world, and scientists have classified them into four major groups. All eagles hunt during the day and rest at night. Wild eagles live about twenty years, and captive eagles live for forty years. For more knowledge about Eagle, please contact Onlyart,the Large Eagle Statue height is 8ft,made with bronze material,also can make it by brass material,This is a custom made Large Eagle Statues For Sale for one of our American clients.

Onlyart Custom Outdoor Large Bronze Brass Eagle Statue For Sale

Onlyart Eagle Statue Application Scenarios

Our Large Eagle Yard Statue are suitable to be placed in various places for decoration, and some are also used for visiting,

Outdoor,Exterior,Entry,Hall,Home Bar,Staircase,Garage & Shed,Gym,

Villa entrance, interior,garden,central Park,shopping center

School,Hospital,apartment,shop,football field,basketball court

playground,Lawn,Airport,train station,bus station,subway station,backyard,back yard,outside.

outdoor bronze brass life size bald eagle statue animal sculpture for sale

Bronze Eagle Statue Customized Process

First of all, our artists will serve you 1 to 1. From the moment you send us an inquiry for Large Eagle Statue, we will provide 1 to 1 service. When you select the eagle sculpture you like from our gallery, then we will start customizing the Eagle Outdoor Statue according to this photo. , first make a 1:1 clay model, or a 3D drawing, after you have confirmed everything, we will start to cast bronze sculpture, (if you want to know more about the steps of custom eagle sculpture, contact Onlyart) and finally weld the components of the Large Eagle Statue together , polishing, grinding, and the last and most important step is patina color, so a perfect sculpture is ready.

outdoor bronze brass giant large eagle statues for sale life size bald sculpture

Custom Eagle Statue Payment Item

When confirming the start order, we need to charge 40% deposit before doing 1:1 Large Outdoor Eagle Statues clay mold, and then we start the order, during this period we will take photos for you to confirm, knowing that you are satisfied with all the details for eagle sculpture, the balance is 60%, and then We arrange packaging, shipping, and can ship to your door.You can pay by credit card, or T/T, or Western Union.

american outdoor garden life size bronze bald eagle statue for sale

Custom Sculpture Shipping Problem

Usually, we are all ocean transport, help customers transport to the destination port, and then customers pick up the American Eagle Statues themselves, or we can also help deliver to the door, all are possible, and then we also have aircraft transport, express transport, land transport, or train transport , are all possible, or the customer has an agent in our country, then the customer’s Chinese agent can also come to our factory to pick up the Bronze Eagle Statue, or we can also deliver the Large Eagle Statue to the place designated by the customer for delivery, to the port, etc. Yes, if you have any questions about the shipping method, you can contact Onlyart.

american outdoor large metal bronze brass copper eagle statue hawk sculpture

Custom Eagle Statue Option

When you decorate an Outdoor Eagle Statues for your garden, please contact Onlyart, we have a variety of eagle sculptures, such as bald eagle statue,american eagle statue,brass eagle statue,resin eagle statue,golden eagle statue,owl statue,hawk statue,Falcon statue. if you want to put other animal sculpture, figure sculpture, we can all help You, we can all be customized according to the picture, and can also help you with transportation and installation.

Outdoor animal bronze brass large eagle statue sculpture for outside

Please more Large Eagle Statue

garden outdoor life size eagle statue bronze brass eagle sculpture for sale

If you buy Eagle Sculpture, please contact Onlyart, we will be your best choice, after all we have 40 years of sculpture experience.

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