Custom Garden Elderly Old Couple Statue Sitting On Bench

Old Couple Statue Details

Now there are very popular modern sculptures in our gardens, Greek, Roman, ancient, figures, animals, and other types of sculptures. They can also decorate the garden, or the backyard of the home, but there is a special kind of love. This sculpture is probably not understood by many people now. This sculpture is our custom made garden bronze Old Couple Statue for the elderly. This is one of our American customers who gave his wife a gift to celebrate his and his wife’s 60th happy wedding anniversary,a gift to commemorate his love for his wife, and fond memories.

Custom Garden Elderly Old Couple Statue Sitting On Bench

We live in a very loving social environment. We have love in our hearts and a path under our feet. We are grateful for the present and all. This life size Old Couple Statue(Bronze Man and Woman Statue) is from the hands of our artists with 40 years of experience in bronze casting. Our artists’ perception and understanding of life, The old couple sitting on bench statue  made are spiritual and lifelike. Let’s look at the faces of this elderly couple. The vicissitudes of life and the wrinkles on their faces, but they still keep a smile on their faces. They sit on a park bench and bathe in the early morning sun. , enjoy the gift of nature. Enjoy life with your lover, enjoy the old age, this is a happy life, the theme of happiness.

garden life size bronze old couple sculpture sitting on bench statue

The Story Of This Old Couple Statue

When this American client of ours called us and told us to make this Old Couple Garden Statue(Old ManAnd Woman Statue), he said that his wife once saw something like this in her friend’s back garden at a party. When he saw the sculpture of a couple of characters, he was amazed. How could there be such a beautiful sculpture? She asked his friend where he bought the couple sculpture. He also wanted to make such a bronze or brass figure sculpture, but you do you know? Her friend told her that a sculpture in China called Onlyart Sculpture Factory was made for him, so our American customer called us directly and asked us to customize a Old Couple Statue for him, wow, I think, it really is A kind of fate, in the dark, there is a connection with each other, customers choose us without any worries, this is the story about statue.

outdoor life size brass bronze funny old couple garden statue figure sculpture

Old Couple Statue Manufacturing Process

As a pioneer in the sculpture industry in Quyang, the hometown of Chinese sculpture, we have special research on figure sculpture, starting with the appearance of the figure, the smile on the face, the hairstyle, the size of the eyes, etc., and then the muscles on the body and the lines of the muscles , scale, according to the life size to make 1:1 Old Couple Garden Statue clay mold, or we can also use 3D to carve a foam model to make the old couple statue, this is to use our traditional lost wax method to cast this couple sculpture, the main step is we The inner world of the sculpture must be expressed in the sculpture, so that the old couple statue has a soul.

custom garden bronze figure old couple on bench sculpture

How To Get Custom Figure Sculpture?

First of all, you need to select the Old Couple Statue design pictures you like from our database, or you can also provide us with the Bronze Old Couple Garden Statue design drawings or ideas you like, all are possible, and then we will arrange a one-to-one relationship between the artist and you Docking, serving you, we will give our most professional planning steps, of course, we mainly customize statue according to your requirements. Next, start the order, 50% prepayment, then we do clay mold, finally welding, grinding, polishing, patina color, and finally a perfect Custom Sculpture is ready, and finally we help you transport it to your home.

love bronze metal couple sculpture statue

Onlyart Sculpture Factory Advantage

A custom figure sculpture factory with 40 years of sculpture experience, there are a large number of characters, animals, Greek and Roman figure characters in stock, no middlemen to earn the difference, direct factory sales, you can customize your own design According to the Old Couple Statue pictures you like, you can ship directly to your home , arrange customs clearance, delivery, etc. in your country’s port, and you can also go to your country to help you install the sculpture, with a whole set of service system, so that customers can buy sculpture without worry.

bronze life size love old couple sculpture for garden home

If you want to customize a modern figure sculpture, like this one Old Couple Statue Or Bronze Sculpture, you can contact us directly, Onlyart is your best choice, I believe.

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