Custom Famous Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture For Sale

Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture Introduce

Everyone knows that this is a famous wild boar statue. It is placed on a high platform at the gate of a famous Magic Academy Park in the United States. It has two pairs of large wings and sharp fangs. It is not difficult to see that it is very It is representative. At the same time, this wild boar sculpture was also mentioned in the movie Harry Potter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Some time ago,we just ordered this Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture for an American customer,height is 7ft,made with bronze material,size and color, we also can make it.

Custom Famous Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture For Sale

Winged Boar Sculpture Clay Mold

We all know that before making a bronze Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture, we need to make a clay mold first, and then start to cast copper. This is the correct process. You can see this wild boar sculpture customized by our artist for our American customers. We are completely based on customers. Customized according to your needs, you can see the hair on the body, in good order, plus the 2 super large wings on the body, flapping the surrounding air vigorously, 2 ears, all the details on the body, are boar statue is reflected in this clay mold, and finally we got good comments and likes from customers.

outdoor cast bronze winged boars head harry potter clay mold

Harry Potter Boar Statue Details

When Onlyart make Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture, we will pay special attention to the details of the boar sculptures, restore all the details on the body, and create some details on the boar statue that have never been seen before according to the needs of customers. This is where Onlyart is professional, and we are loved by many customers. For every order, we will consult the needs of customers, provide some suggestions that customers can refer to, and create some small surprises for customers, small differences, but some peers, they can agree to customer needs, but in practice Among them, they can’t do it, and provide some bad service to customers, we are not, we provide customers with the best service, high quality sculpture.

bronze brass copper the wild boar harry potter statue sculpture

Harry Potter Boar Statue Craft

When Onlyart is making Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture, we will first communicate with customers about the production process of wild boar sculptures, so that customers can have a good understanding of the production process and technology of sculptures. First of all, we will make clay mold or wax mold, or 3D mold, according to the needs of customers To do it, then we need to copy the finished model with a professional abrasive tool, then add high temperature copper water to it, and after it cools, it can be disassembled, welded together, polished, polished, and finally what we see This Winged Boar Sculpture is out, if you want more information, please contact Onlyart.

famous copper brass bronze harry potter pig boar statue sculpture for sale

Why Client Choose Onlyart Custom Sculpture?

Onlyart as a leader in the sculpture industry, we have a lot of Bronze Wild Boar Sculpture models, such as Animal Sculptures, Dragon Sculpture, Lion Statue, Horse Sculpture, sheep sculpture, etc., figures, Western figures, Greek figures, Athens sculptures, Religious,Etc., this can save a lot of model fees for customers. At the same time, we also have a lot of inventory sculptures, all kinds of animals, and we have a complete set of service processes, customers from ordering to receiving the bronze Wild Boar Sculpture, no Anything that needs to be done, we can directly transport it to the customer’s door, and we also provide installation services, so that we can solve all problems for the customer, and you can buy the sculptures of the industry leader Onlyart without leaving your home. This is why customers choose Onlyart reason.

outdoor garden winged large bronze wild boar sculpture for sale

More Life Size Animal Sculpture Cases For Your Reference.

garden outdoor decor life size bronze brass copper animal statue sculpture for sale

If you are looking for a Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture to decorate your garden, you can come to China to find us Onlyart sculpture, we can help you, one-stop help you, let you save worry and money, you can buy the sculpture you like.

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