Onlyart Foundry

If you are an artist, have your own designs, or you would like to decorate your own garden or hotel, or shop, all you are a city landscaper, we all can service you. 

Custom made drawing

We have our own professional design team, we can design 3D or CAD for each your project before casting bronze statues.

Talated artist team

We have our own artist team, just show us one piece, or one sample, we can create this bronze statues directly.

Door to Door delivery

We have cooperate with more than 10 ship company all over the world many years, so door door delivery will be ok.

100% Guarantee

Every finished bronze statues we have guarantee more than 30 years, if any damage on the way to you, we will make a new one to you.

Onlyart Foundry

Onlyart foundry is a leader brand in China, speical for all kinds of bronze statues custom made, public large sculptures custom made, if you have your own artwork, just contact us, we can help you casting bronze statues or create with other different metal material.

Also if you want to decoration your space or garden, want to get some idears, just contact us, we can design 3D file for your reference before process.

If you have landscape for city, any your drawing or 3D file forward to us.

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Everyday we will update new projects and hot artworks, welcome contact us get full catalogue !

Bronze Goat Garden Statue
Client Feedback News

Good Reviews From Bronze Goat Garden Statue Client

I think the beginning of a business comes from a real encounter, candid communication, and the control of the quality of the sculptures, which can eventually lead to a deal. Next we talk about: Good Reviews From Bronze Goat Garden Statue Client. Goat Garden Statue Decor With rave reviews from Bronze Goat Garden Statue customers, this beautiful bronze goat statue is quickly becoming the highlight of garden décor. With its exquisite craftsmanship and eye-catching design, this unique piece of art successfully won the hearts of its clients and injected a touch of classic and artistic charm into their outdoor spaces.

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greek Goddess of Justice Statue
Hotspot News

Greek Goddess Statue – 12 Famous Female Goddesses

Article Content Navigation In Greek culture, the Greek Goddess Statue is unshakable. They are the backbone of the universe and symbols of wisdom, beauty and power. Below, we will introduce ten famous Greek female goddess sculptures. These works not only show the pinnacle of ancient Greek art, but also highlight the unique charm of female gods. In the world of ancient Greece, goddesses existed in various forms. They existed not only in myths and stories, but also in people’s lives in the form of sculpture art. These sculptures show the elegance and power of female gods with vivid forms, rich

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Client Feedback News

Chinese Garden Bronze Terracotta Warriors Statues For Sale

In the realm of history and archaeology, there exists an astonishing enigma—The Terracotta Army(Terracotta Warriors Statues). This enigma traces its roots back to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. His historical prominence, the army of life-sized clay soldiers, and the elusive Chinese Emperor’s Secret Tomb have captivated the world’s fascination. Now, in a breathtaking melding of history and artistry, you can possess your own piece of history with Chinese Garden Bronze Terracotta Warriors Statues for Sale. Qin Shi Huang: The Visionary Emperor The story commences with Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, who ruled during the

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If you didn’t find your prefered bronze statues from my website, you can contact us get full catalogue and price list for your reference.