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Onlyart foundry is a leading brand about custom made all kinds of bronze art statues for more than 30 years, the large bronze projects, we also have an installation team can service to you all over the world, if you have your own artwork designs, forward to us, we can manufacturer.

Custom Art Sculptures

All Art Sculptures Can Custom Made Depends On Your Pictures, Size, Or Your Samples,Drawings.

Onlyart Professional For Real Person Bronze Figure Sculpture.

Professional For All Kinds Of Wild Life Size Bronze Animal Statues.

Onlyart Foundry Can Arrange Delivery To Yoru Door And Install Well On Site.

Any Size And Weight Of The Bronze Bell Will Be Ok, All Can Custom Made.

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NO matter you choose from our website, or you have your own designs, contact us freely today.. 

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Bronze Pop Art Sculpture

Onlyart Has Done A Lot Of Bronze Pop Art Sculptures (We Can Customize Sculptures According To Your Own Design, And You Can Keep The Copyright In Absolute Confidentiality). Onlyart Factory Has Provided 1:1 Customized Services For Customers In Europe And Around The World, And Also Provides Delivery To Door To Door Service, Door To Door Installation.

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I Am Very Grateful To Onlyart Statue For Making This Large Bronze Eagle Sculpture For Our Home Outdoor Garden. We Often Customize Olympic Sculpture Park Projects. I Am Very Happy To Cooperate With Such An Excellent Chinese Casting Bronze Sculpture Factory. They Have Many Famous Greek
Roman Clay Sculpture.I Like Their Artwork Very Much, And I Often Have In-depth Exchanges With The Artists I Ordered. I Found That They Are Very Professional In The Field Of Quyang Sculpture, And The Quality Of Sculpture Is Very Good, And The Price Is Also Very Favorable.I Believe They Are One Of The Most Professional Casting Bronze Factories Doing Outdoor Animal Sculpture Asia China.

Jason Wong

from USA American Customers

I Am An Artist In Sydney. We Bought Bronze Horse Statue, Bronze Bull Statue, And Other Bronze Garden Animal Statues From Onlyart Factory Last Year, Including Abstract Bronze Copper Figure Sculptures Designed By Myself. They Can Also Be Customized Individually. The Service Is Very Good, And Their Sculpture Team Is Also Very Professional. The Sculptures Are Well Done. Yes, They Transported The Sculptures From China To Our Doorstep By Ocean Transportation, And They Also Have A Very Detailed Installation Process. The Online Video Guides Us To Install It. It Is Really A Very Pleasant Shopping Experience.


from Australia Client

I Am A Sculpture Lover. I Want To Buy A Sculpture For My Home Garden And Yard To Decorate The Place. At First I Didn’t Know What Type Of Sculpture To Buy, And Then Onlyart Recommended Me A Lot Of Sculptures. There Are Animal Bronze Lion Statue, Bronze Elephant Statue, Bronze Cowboy Statue, Greek Bronze Statues, And Other Custom Art Sculpture, They Also Sent Me Catalogs And Price Lists, So That I Can Easily Understand All The Sculptures I Am Interested In, And Finally I Bought A Sculpture. During This Shopping Experience, I Really Felt Shopping In Other Countries. It Can Also Be So Convenient And Worry-free, And The Most Important Thing Is That The Quality Of The Sculpture Is Very Good.


from Qatar Customer

Onlyart Statue Latest News

Every Day You Will Find Some New Project Or News From The OnlyArt Foundry Brand

Outdoor Bronze Metal Bald Eagle Sculpture For Sale

Outdoor Bronze Metal Bald Eagle Sculpture For Sale Story

Bald Eagle Sculpture For Sale Details This Bald Eagle Sculpture For Sale,we have clay mold,height is 6ft,made with bronze material,and also can made brass material,and we also have other marterial. This Bald Eagle Sculpture stands on a withered branch and looks at the prey in the distance. This Bald Eagle Sculpture is lifelike. This Eagle Sculpture is from the hands of our Onlyart artist. It adopts the traditional lost wax casting method and is soaked in ammonia water to make this sculpture look like Now like this, he can decorate gardens, schools, parks, and other places of significance. Outdoor Bald Eagle Sculpture Story I remember that it was one night, in the evening of Chinese time, and in the morning of American time. An American customer of British origin sent us an inquiry. Regarding this Outdoor Bald Eagle Sculpture, she said that she raised an eagle and kept it in

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Custom Garden Elderly Old Couple Statue Sitting On Bench

 Old Couple Statue Details Now there are very popular modern sculptures in our gardens, Greek, Roman, ancient, figures, animals, and other types of sculptures. They can also decorate the garden, or the backyard of the home, but there is a special kind of love. This sculpture is probably not understood by many people now. This sculpture is our custom made garden bronze Old Couple Statue for the elderly. This is one of our American customers who gave his wife a gift to celebrate his and his wife’s 60th happy wedding anniversary,a gift to commemorate his love for his wife, and fond memories. We live in a very loving social environment. We have love in our hearts and a path under our feet. We are grateful for the present and all. This life size Old Couple Statue(Bronze Man and Woman Statue) is from the hands of our artists with 40

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Onlyart Custom Large Bronze Archangel St Michael Statue For Sale

Onlyart Custom Large Bronze Archangel St Michael Statue For Sale

Archangel Michael Statue Details Michael Sctatue is called Archangel Michael Statue or St Michael Statue. According to legend, Archangel first appeared in Jewish literature in the 3rd century BC. Over time, legends about Archangel appeared in major churches. In Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Islam, and then appeared in major literary works. The main meaning is that Archangel fights against evil Satan, protects us humans, advocates justice, and Archangel Statue is regarded as a patron saint in many places. Onlyart Professional One-To-One Service If you are looking for a St Michael Archangel Statue to put in your garden or home, you can find Onlyart as your custom sculpture service provider. When you start to cooperate with us, we will first arrange a very professional artist for you 1 to 1 Service, starting from designing the initial 3D statue mold, or starting from the clay mold, the entire archangel sculpture production

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Custom Famous Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture For Sale

Custom Famous Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture For Sale

Harry Potter Winged Boar Sculpture Introduce Everyone knows that this is a famous wild boar statue. It is placed on a high platform at the gate of a famous Magic Academy Park in the United States. It has two pairs of large wings and sharp fangs. It is not difficult to see that it is very It is representative. At the same time, this wild boar sculpture was also mentioned in the movie Harry Potter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Some time ago,we just ordered this Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture for an American customer,height is 7ft,made with bronze material,size and color, we also can make it. Winged Boar Sculpture Clay Mold We all know that before making a bronze Winged Boar Harry Potter Sculpture, we need to make a clay mold first, and then start to cast copper. This is the correct process. You can see this wild boar sculpture

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Where Can Custom Bronze Centaur Sculpture

Where Can Custom Bronze Centaur Sculpture?

Where Can Custom Centaur Sculpture? A centaur sculpture is a half-human, half-horse monster in ancient Greek mythology. Their upper body is a human torso, and their lower body is a horse body, including the waist and four legs.the Greek Centaur Statue height is 6ft,weight about is 150kg,marde with bronze material,If you want to customize this centaur sculpture, you can come to Onlyart Factory to customize.We are located in Quyang China, the beautiful hometown of sculpture. Legend Of The Centaur Sculpture There are many different stories about the origin of the centaurs in Greek mythology. There is a saying that they are the descendants of Ixion and Nephele. Pulling hands and feet, with the help of Zeus, Hera transformed a cloud into her own image. The centaur is the descendant of Ixion and this cloud. This is the famous legend of Greek Centaur Statue. The Meaning Behind Centaur The image of

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Self Made Man Statue Behind Meaning

Self Made Man Statue Behind Meaning

Self Made Man Statue Behind Meaning One of Bobbie Carlyle’s most successful works is Self Made Man Statue, which depicts a vision of a man carving himself out of stone, holding a hammer in his right hand and an chisel in his left hand, trying to carve himself, his character, and his future. When you are born, you are a special existence, maybe lucky, maybe sad. But it doesn’t decide how you will live, how do you want to live your best self? In fact, it is the process of sculpting yourself. There may be pain and hardship along the way, but that’s the process. The harder, the more fortunate. Self Made Man Statue Introduce When Bobbie Carlyle created this Self Made Man Statue, because he was in the social environment at that time, he had to be extremely strict with his inner shaping. The bits and pieces of life

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Bronze Garden Lion Statues For Front Porch

Do You Know The Lion Statues For Front Porch Symbolism Meaning Behind?

 Lion Statues For Front Porch is the most common auspicious beast in Chinese folk culture. It is the incarnation of wisdom and power. It has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity and endless life, symbolizing status, dignity and peace,The lion itself is full of meaning, which makes it very popular in Western art and culture. Lion Statues For Front Porch are mainly used as guardians. It is one of the auspicious beasts often used to guard the home and ward off evil spirits in Chinese traditional culture. Placing lions at the gate can ward off evil spirits, keep peace, prosperous children and grandchildren, auspicious town houses, door and courtyard decorations, etc.The materials are all made of copper. The lion has artistic value and ornamental value. It is used for decoration in traditional Chinese culture,In China, Lion Statues For Front Porch is often placed in some courtyards, factories, enterprises, banks, palaces,

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large size bronze chinese guardian lion female and male have mold in foundry

large size bronze chinese guardian lion female and male have mold in foundry

What Do 2 Chinese Guardian Lions In Front Of House Mean? 1. Decorate the facade. 2. Townhouse to ward off evil spirits. The Chinese guardian lions have been used to guard the tomb since its birth. It has been shaped majestic and sturdy, has a strong deterrent power, and can exorcise demons and disasters. This effect has continued, and it has been the same in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. The Guardian Lion in China has always been regarded as the god beast of the townhouse. The Chinese Guardian Lion Foo Dog Statues in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is placed in front of the gate, and it is closely connected with the people’s pursuit of stability and harmony. The placement of the gate lion can resolve the evil outside the house. 3. Symbol of power The lion statues is noble and majestic among the beasts and has

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